A New Chapter: Equine Network Launches Foundation

Albuquerque, NM—March 19, 2024- In a move signaling a deeper commitment to the equine community, Equine Network, the largest membership and subscription based equine business in the US, officially announced the establishment of the Equine Network Foundation, a non-profit organization with its first program focused on supporting equine welfare and rescue.

With a mission to advance the welfare and well-being of equids and the equestrian community through impactful initiatives and fierce advocacy, the Equine Network Foundation looks to provide support in the form of grants and services to both rescues and other sectors of the horse industry. A Home for Every Horse, a decade-old program offering assistance to rescues, will become part of the Equine Network Foundation.

“After ten years of meaningful work with A Home for Every Horse, the formation of the Equine Network Foundation is the natural next step in our mission to promote and protect the well-being of all horses,” said Melissa Kitchen, President of the Equine Network Foundation. “Starting a foundation has long been a goal of the Equine Network, and I am excited to lead the charge. The focus of my career has always been to give back to the horse, and this is the perfect opportunity to do that.”

With a strategic approach, the new non-profit will foster partnerships and educational programs to further support the equine industry, while offering crucial resources to those on the front lines of equine care and advocacy. “A Home for Every Horse has been an industry changing program that has helped thousands of horses find their forever homes. I am proud to be a part of the team that continues to support the greater good for the horse!” said Mike Jerina from Purina Animal Nutrition.

Since its inception, A Home for Every Horse has helped facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of numerous equids, embodying Equine Network’s core values of compassion and collaboration. The new Equine Network Foundation will build upon this legacy and expand its reach, offering comprehensive support to the organizations and professionals who are devoted to the welfare of these remarkable animals.

Equine Network Foundation’s launch cements the organization’s commitment to fostering a more compassionate and sustainable future for the equine industry. Through this pivotal move, Equine Network continues to be a trailblazer, setting a standard of excellence in the equine industry.

To learn more about the Equine Network Foundation and how you can support this vital cause, please visit equinenetworkfoundation.org. Equine Network looks forward to the positive impact the Foundation will make in the lives of horses and the broader equine community.

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