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The Equine Network is the largest equine-focused information and membership services company in the country. 

Reoccuring Services

Our membership offerings provide the products and services needed by equestrians. From proven educational subscription video-on-demand to roadside assistance and effective fly control; at Equine Network we’re helping serious equestrians care for, ride, and haul their horses better.

261K+ total members

Subscription Memberships

Video OnDemand

Equine Network provides a variety of equine video on demand content across all disciplines encompassing instruction, event coverage and entertainment series. 

Subscription Memberships

Roadside Assistance

Our industry leading roadside assistance brands provide unparalleled vehicle and trailer roadside services to the entire equine community across the United States. 

Subscription Memberships

Fly Control

Equine Network’s family of fly control products provides a superior fly control solution all season long. Whether you have one horse in your backyard or a large-scale livestock operation, our pest control strategies work for any size and for any species