Sub Head To Come

With extreme arena action and big payouts, team roping has become one of the fastest-growing disciplines in equestrian sports, with massive appeal to professionals, amateurs and fans alike.

The Numbers

Whether rookie or pro, team roping’s unique classification system allows ropers of all levels to compete and win big. USTRC, WSTR and NTR comprise the market share of the industry’s competitions and competitors, expanding and energizing the sport through best-in-class events, technologies and membership systems.

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For the past 15 seasons we have done our best to provide personal service to a small but influential group of ropers who share our philosophy of easier, smaller and richer ropings.

It is our goal to continue improving our service to this elite group.

We require all ropers who rope at a WSTR Qualifier or the Finale Event to purchase a WSTR Membership card, Key Card, or have a current USTRC membership. USTRC will also accept WSTR memberships.

Presented by Cinch. Current NTR Membership or NTR VIP Membership is required to rope in any National Team Roping event.

USTRC was born in 1990 in an effort to promote the sport of team roping, ensure fairness of competition, and provide a platform where ropers of all ability levels could enjoy the sport. This effort would culminate every October in a true National Finals of Team Roping.

Since those early years team roping has become the single largest performance equine group in world, surpassing all other disciplines combined.

Over 200,000 team ropers are handicapped world wide, producing over $70 million in purses to recreational contestants each year.

USTRC is the mother organization that created the modern team roping industry.